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We want Practically Speaking to positively impact our community by highlighting voices and perspectives that are rarely heard in mainstream media.
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(photo from the 1940 film, (Broken Strings”)

Today on Practically Speaking, we explore the world of people who have trailblazed the world of classical music. What struggles do black opera singers, composers, and musicians face? Do black experiences lend a different filter to traditional classical work?

Host Audra Wilson talks to dance legend Joel Hall and Alan Marshall, the librettist of a new Civil Rights opera called “The March”.

Plus, from “Proper” to “Patois”, we discover Slang that’s Lost in Translation. Audra talks with Omar (a student) and Clinton (a Cultural Anthropologist) as we unpack the hierarchy of language.

Audra also reviews the impact of Shirley Chisholm, a trailblazing woman of color who ran for president back in the 1970s.

Also featuring music by Emily King and Sister Nancy.

Today at 1pm on Practically Speaking. 89.5fm and 90.7fm