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We want Practically Speaking to positively impact our community by highlighting voices and perspectives that are rarely heard in mainstream media.
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In this episode of Practically Speaking, host Audra Wilson sits down with Heather Robinson, Executive Director of the South Side Community Art Center to discuss the history, purpose and future of the museum. Despite its origin as a private residence, the SSCAC opened in 1940 as the first black art center in the US and now boasts itself as the oldest African-American art center in existence. The center currently features an exhibit about the Afri-COBRA (African Commune of Bad Relevant Artists) movement of 1960s Chicago.

In the second segment of Practically Speaking, Wilson speaks with Chatto Wright, a Ghanaian hairdresser and salon-owner. Wright discusses her experience as an African immigrant raising two African-American sons. We also hear from one of her sons, Teddy, about treading the line between the two seemingly different worlds.

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